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MG Chemicals Super Shield Water Based Silver Coated Copper Conductive Coating, 12ml




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843WB-15ML is a water-based coating pigmented with highly conductive silver-coated copper flakes. It adheres well to plastics and most electronic substrates. It is easy to use, with no let-down and no heat cure necessary. The product is best applied with a brush.

This print repairs damaged traces on keyboards, game controllers, remote controls, mixing boards, and PCBs. It also creates conductive traces for prototyping, hobbies, or maker projects. It is great for making small connections in or between circuits, such as jumpers, through-holes, bridges, and links. It can also be used to increase the surface area of contacts by painting the area around them.

For applications requiring lower resistance, use the 842WB-15ML Water Based Silver Conductive Print. For a more economical alternative, use the 841WB-15ML Water Based Nickel Conductive Print.

  • Provides excellent EMI/RFI shielding over a broad range of frequencies

  • Resistivity of 5.3 x 10-4 Ω• žcm

  • Non-flammable and no noxious odors

  • Ships as a non-DG by air

  • Low regulated VOC of 128 g/L

This coating provides highly effective EMI/RFI shielding across a broad range of frequencies in architectural and electronic applications.

Water based conductive paints are the only choice for architectural RFI shielding applications because VOC regulations prohibit the use of solvent based systems. Such applications include containing RFI within a room such as an engine room to prevent interference across other rooms. Also, it can be used to protect a room containing sensitive electronic equipment from general sources of interference, such as server rooms, recording studios, laboratories, and surgical rooms, especially those near cell phone or radio towers.

This product is also great for providing EMI/RFI shielding to electronic enclosures, sensors, test equipment, portable controllers, communication devices, and most applications where one would normally use solvent based shielding.

This product also good for repairing conductive traces and electronic prototyping.

Catalog Number: 843WB-15ML

Net Volume: 12ml (0.40 fl oz)

Net Weight; 15.8g (0.56 oz)

Packaging: Jar


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