Automotive Pullers

Mektronics offers a comprehensive selection of automotive pullers designed to simplify the process of removing various components in automotive repair and maintenance tasks. Our range includes alternator pullers, ball joint pullers, bearing tools, hydraulic pullers, reversible pullers, universal pullers, and more, sourced from trusted brands like Kukko, Draper Tools, Lisle, and others. These tools are essential for automotive professionals and enthusiasts alike, as they enable the safe and efficient extraction of stubborn or press-fitted parts, making repair and replacement tasks much more manageable.

Kukko, a renowned brand in the field of automotive tools, is known for its precision-engineered pullers that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Their alternator pullers, for example, are designed with precision threads and robust construction to ensure a secure grip on alternator pulleys during removal. Draper Tools and Lisle also offer a wide range of automotive pullers suitable for various applications. From separating ball joints to extracting bearings, these tools are built to withstand the rigors of professional automotive work. By providing access to these top-quality pullers, Mektronics empowers automotive technicians and DIY enthusiasts to tackle challenging repair tasks with confidence, saving time and effort in the process.