5 Must-have Garden Tools for the Green Thumb

14 May 2022

If you’re serious about your gardening, you need the right tools for the job.

These tools will improve the health of your garden while keeping your manual labour to a minimum.

So here are five garden tools that are a must-have for any gardener. 

1. Lawn Scarifiers

Lawn scarifiers (or dethatchers) keep your lawn healthy by removing debris that prevents water from getting to its roots. 

Scarifiers also aerate the soil with small blades to help prevent moss growth and stop weed growth. 

Draper, a well-known gardening brand, makes an excellent lawn scarifier. It also functions as an aerator, giving you a 2-in-1 tool for your shed. 

2. Hand Tools

Unless you’ve got the grip strength of a silverback gorilla, hand tools are a must for gardening. 

Some popular gardening hand tools include: 

  • Trowels: You should have at least two trowels, one basic trowel for general duties and a transplanting trowel to help move plants without disturbing their roots. Long-hand trowels are also a good addition for hard-to-reach areas. 
  • Soil scoops: Soil scoops are a vital part of your garden armoury. They speed up your garden duties while keeping your gloves nice and clean. 
  • Weeding forks: While it’s possible to get rid of weeds by hand or with a trowel, weeding forks dig them out without much soil disturbance. 

3. Digging Tools

All digging tools are not equal, so it’s crucial that you know their purposes. 

Besides the general square-mouth spade for shovelling soil, you have: 

  • Round mouth shovel: One of the best options for actual digging as its rounded point makes it suitable for semi-compact dirt and plant roots. 
  • Garden fork: These forks help you aerate and break up compact soils that are too difficult to dig. They’re also a great tool for weeding large areas.
  • Border spades: These are smaller versions of the general digging spade, helping you minimise the digging impact on nearby plants.

4. Hoes & Rakes

Hoes are excellent for vegetable gardens as they make short work of soil preparation. 

They’re also fantastic at cutting through weeds. But you can also use them to prepare flower beds as long as you’re careful not to disturb the other flowers.

Rakes are a staple for any gardens with grass or trees. They make light work of fallen leaves and help you clear mowed grass so that it doesn’t hold water on the surface of your lawn. 

There are also alternatives like a ‘dirt rake’ for tilling soil and a thatch rake that does a similar job as a scarifier. 

5. Cutting Pruning & Shearing Tools

After your plants, trees and shrubs have been growing for a while, you’ll need some pruning tools to keep them in shape. 

Some of these include: 

  • Garden scissors: These are great for pruning flowers and budding trees. They’re also good for opening bags of soil and other small garden tasks.
  • Loppers: If you’ve got some decent sized trees or shrubs in your garden, loppers help you prune them and keep them balanced. 
  • Hand shears: Shears are the perfect tool for trimming and shaping your hedges. 

Get Your Garden Tools Today

If you’re missing any of the tools on this list, it may be possible to find a workaround. But that means your garden won’t get the care it deserves. 

Instead, list any garden tools you’re missing and head to our website to find the perfect fit. 

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