Workplace health and safety: how to avoid injuries at work

15 March 2019

Due to unconventional encounters in workplaces, it is important that safety measures are well put in place. Workers need to be careful on how to avoid minor or major injuries at work.
The kind of safety measures put in place sometimes vary due to the kind of activities that are carried. We would explain what first aid kits are and why they are important including workplace safety equipment and safety boots. A first aid kit is a familiar household name as it can be found almost everywhere, they can also be bought or made in-house.
First aid & spill kits as the name implies composes of various but limited materials like bandages, sprain spray, spirits etc., to serve as the first resort in case of emergencies for a person or people who have sustained one kind of injury or the other like cuts, bruises, burns and so on. Best advise is to store the kit in safety cabinets with visbile sign. Since injuries can transpire at any moment, it is imperative that a first aid kit should be easily accessible. 

Why do we need first aid kits?

  • It is a quick response in emergency situations
  • Prevents risk of injury infections
  • When bleeding is involved, a kit will come in
  • Saves cost and time
  • It gives an assurance


Why is workplace safety equipment so essential?

Work place safety is important for every staff and for this
reason, safety equipment should be put in place. Examples of these safety
equipment include fire extinguisher and exit products, floor safety for slip
and falls, communication signals for hazards, products for handling spill
control, pipe mark, enhanced signs for safety and first aid kit for dealing
with emergencies. There are several measures that can be put in place to reduce
workplace injuries:

  • Integration of a well-structured safety plan:
    this can be easily done by incorporating an in-depth program to all employees
    concerning their safety so that once an irregularity is notice, it can be easily rectified.
  • Education of employees: 

A thorough education on the part of the employee is very important so that they are trained on the importance of safety measures and signs and why they should always endeavour to follow these measures at all time.

  • Provision of protection kits:
    adequate protection elements should be regularly put in place. This is not enough as it is also important to teach employees how to make use of the equipment in place for example a fire extinguisher or protection gloves.
  • Avoid shortcuts:
    In most cases, accidents in a workplace shows up when staffs are in a hurry and as a result neglect laid down safety rules. This is a major cause for workplace accidents.
  • Inspection:
    having provided all of the above measures, it is also important to cultivate an inspecting habit on all units of a workplace. Sometimes, devices or building materials may be deteriorating when staff is not aware of it, but a regular inspection makes it easy to discern them.

Having shed light on the how to mollify injuries at various
workplaces, let us look at some importance of safety boots otherwise known as
steel toe boots. Although safety boots are mostly seen on construction and
engineering workers on site and factory staffs too. They are:

  • Protection from a falling object that can crush
    the toes
  • Protection against accidental punctures that may
  • Prevention from falls and slips
  • Prevention from burns and cuttings due to their
    firm build
  • Protection from electrical shocks
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