Why Electronics is a Great Hobby to Pursue

17 June 2021

Electronics lets you build something with your own two hands 

Today, most things can be bought online or instore within minutes. Which is great if you want convenience but it also means that few of the things in our homes actually mean something to us. Building your own computer, playing with miniature robots or the good old classic ham radio is not only fun but will give you something that you will want to keep around and show off long after you throw away your newest iPhone. 

It lets you mix creativity with problem solving 

When it comes to electronics you are only really limited by two things. Physics and creativity. It allows you to engage with your creative self, thinking up new and spectacular things you want to build, and then gives you the chance to think it through logically, spending hours tinkering and researching to solve the practical problems of making it real. It is highly rewarding and a great way to expand your way of thinking about and seeing the world. 

It has real and practical applications

It’s not all about playing around with circuit-boards and PCB layouts, electronics also has real, practical applications. One of the best things it allows you to do is begin fixing broken electronics around the house. If you find your remote has stopped working or there is something wrong with your stereo, you no longer have to go and buy a new one, you can actually sit down and repair it yourself! 

You get to learn how things work from the inside

If you’re a curious person then you must have wondered how your television works or what’s the best way to optimize your computer. Taking up electronics as a hobby will teach you exactly how some of the most important tools in our lives work and give you the chance to really dig in and test how changes might affect the function and performance of different electronics. You’ll learn more about your world than you ever would turning on the discovery channel.

How to get started with electronics?

If you are going to get start with electronics you are going to need a couple of key things for your workshop, including:

  • Soldering station: Soldering is a staple of electronics hobbyists which means that a good soldering station is vital. Hakko is one of the original brands in soldering, inventing many of the most important applications of soldering stations today and is one of the best quality pieces of equipment that any electronics hobbyist can invest in.
  • Precision tools: Electronics requires a lot more finesse than brute strength, which is why having access to precision tools is vital for anyone looking to make it a hobby. CK Tools makes some of the best precision tools on the market, including slim screwdrivers, hex keys, drivers, pliers and tweezers.
  • Multimeter: Multimeters measure voltage, current and resistance, which is important for quality control, safety and troubleshooting. Fluke makes some of the best multimeters on the market, built for professionals they are durable, user friendly and highly accurate.
  • Electrostatic-discharge protection: Whatever you do you want to be safe when working with electricity, which is why good ESD protection is vital. ESD equipment like Desco floor coverings will keep you and electronics safe, without getting in your way when working with sensitive equipment.
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