What makes Norbar the World's Leading Torque Wrench Specialist?

08 July 2020

There are few brands as synonymous with quality as Norbar. Formally known as the North Bar Tool Company, Norbar has been making excellent torque wrenches for more than half a century and in that time they have led the market in creating the global standard for reliable, accurate and quality torque tools. You will see Norbar crop up wherever torque precision is of utmost importance, making it the go-to tool for serious professionals. If you’re still not convinced here are five reasons why Norbar is the world’s leading torque wrench specialist. 

Norbar was designed for use in the Second World War

When the British armed forces required an accurate tool for tightening the cylinder head of the Rolls Royce Merlin engine they offered the licence to Bill Brodey and Ernest Thornitt, the founders of the North Bar Tool Company. The torque wrench they invented was used throughout World War II for the Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster planes and became the basis for Norbar, now known as the world’s leading torque wrench manufacturer.

This decades-long history in designing, improving and manufacturing top quality torque wrenches have made them famous throughout the automotive, heavy industry and construction markets.

Norbar Torque Wrenches are made with cutting edge equipment for excellent torque control

Norbar’s facilities are some of the most technologically advanced in the field, allowing them to create high-quality tools with cutting edge equipment. Using the latest technology allows them to not only ensure the high standards of their tools but also to design and innovate in ways that other companies just can’t keep up with.

The Norbar manufacturing process follows some of the world’s strictest standards

The Norbar brand is so well respected that they are actually accredited by NATA to certify electronic and mechanical torque equipment across the industry. NATA is the National Association of Testing Authorities which formally recognises laboratories and facilities that adhere to the high standards required to produce reliable technical results from tests. This accreditation means that Norbar tools can undergo some of the strictest, most comprehensive tests to ensure precision and quality in every one of their products.

Every Norbar tool is made to satisfy ergonomic requirements for comfortable use

Using the same tool over and over again, day in, day out means that it needs to be specially designed to reduce strain and improve comfort to minimise the chance of musculoskeletal injury. Many Norbar tools are made with ergonomic shapes, soft and hard composites and non-slip grips to reduce the chance of accidents and strain from repetitive use. 

Norbar offers repair, calibration and recalibration services to the original factory standard

Norbar is the only torque wrench specialist that offers calibration & recalibration services across four continents. This means that once you’ve made your initial investment you can have your torque wrench repaired, calibrated or recalibrated to original factory standards without having to pay for a whole new wrench. This makes it a much smarter investment for tradespeople who are using it frequently and will need it for years to come. 

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