What makes Bahco an Industry-Leading Brand in Hand Tools?

08 July 2020

Bahco is a brand synonymous with high-quality, durable and innovative hand tools. This reputation developed over years of leading the industry in creating equipment that assists professionals in doing their job in a better, easier and safer way. To help understand Bahco a little better here are five reasons they have become an industry-leading brand in hand tools:

Bahco has a long history of providing consistently excellent tools 

You’d be hard-pressed to find another tool manufacturer with as long a history in the market as Bahco. Around since 1862, Bahco began its journey by using steel to produce saw blades. This steel was of such high-quality that it was previously used to make fish hooks, which requires notoriously durable steel to produce. To mark the quality of their tools every Bahco saw blade was marked with the fish and hook symbol. Since then Bahco hasn’t dipped in quality one bit and has only gone from strength to strength, tested by tool aficionados for over 150 years. This consistency in a highly competitive environment has made them one of the best brands for hand tools in the world.

Bahco’s manufacturing process is specially designed for high-performance tools 

While Bahco’s roots are based in Sweden today it has offices and manufacturing plants all over Europe. In fact, the majority of their tools are made in Europe in countries like Sweden, Spain, France and England. This means that Bahco is bound by high European standards when it comes to manufacturing and ensures that every tool they make is a quality, durable piece of equipment. 

Bahco has been an innovator for more than a century 

Bahco has been an innovator in hand tools longer than most other companies have been around. Starting with their unique fish and hook handsaws Bahco continued to lead the world in hand tool innovation for years to come. Some of their most valuable contributions to the field include the plumber wrench and adjustable wrench.

Bahco is a leading brand in ergonomic development 

Aside from just producing tools that are of excellent quality, Bahco has also been a leader in creating tools that focus on the comfort and safety of the tradespeople that use them. In the 80s they began researching and developing tools that concentrated on increasing productivity by preventing repetitive strain injuries. As a result, they created the Bahco ERGO range of tools, which follow a scientifically approved 11-point program for developing some of the best ergonomically designed tools in the world.

Bahco has been recognised internationally for its commitment to industry-leading quality

Bahco has over 7000 tools available on the market, from saws and files to wrenches, pliers and impact tools. It is a true testament to their quality that despite having such a large range they still manage to maintain their quality and commitment to industry excellence. In recognition of these efforts, Bahco has won numerous awards for their design and craftsmanship, including the Red Dot Design Award, German Design Award and IF Design Award.

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