Tips for Setting up your Home Electronics Workshop

20 April 2021

So you've decided to take the plunge and set up your own home electronics workshop? Well if you are going to do it then you should do it right. To help you plan what you should think about and what you are going to need here are some simple tips on setting up your workshop and kick-starting your tinkering with electronics.

You're going to need a spot and a table

For anyone interested in electronics, a home workshop is their happy place, which means that they should spend some time finding the perfect place to set up and get ready for some work! The first thing you have to do is find a place in your home that has plenty of light and is close to a power supply. This way you will have the electricity you need without having to get up all the time and enough light to make those finer adjustments.

Once you've picked your spot you need to pick your table. It is important to avoid metal tables as they can conduct electricity and pose a shock hazard. Similarly, plastic tables should be avoided as they can generate and store large static electricity charges that can damage electronics. The safest choice is to buy a solid wooden table that can withstand a little wear and tear.

Pick the right soldering station

Soldering is going to be one of the most common activities you perform in your electronics workshop, which means that if you are not a total beginner then you are going to want some quality equipment that'll withstand heavy use. When it comes to soldering stations you can't go wrong with Hakko. The Hakko brand is one of the originals in the field of soldering, responsible for some of the most important innovations in the industry and some of the best quality equipment you can buy. They invented the adjustable soldering station, ceramic heating elements and improved soldering tips. Getting your hands on one of these is something you are going to thank yourself for years down the line. 

Find an accurate multimeter

Multimeters are used for everything from quality control to safety and troubleshooting, which is why having an accurate set is vital to anyone serious about building a home electronics workshop. If you are looking for a tool that measures voltage, current and resistance with pin-point accuracy then you should be looking at Fluke. Fluke multimeters are manufactured to the highest standards, built for professionals they are defined by their durability, accuracy and user-friendly interface, making them the leading multimeter available on the market today.

Choose quality handtools

Once you've chosen your soldering station and multimeter it is time to stock up on some of the handtools you are going to need. The most important tools you are wire and cable stripping tools to help cut, shorten or prep your wires for use. Jokari is a German brand that blends world-class manufacturing with excellent user testing, to make safe, comfortable and high-quality tools that last for decades. If you are looking for a screwdriver set or other handtools then you should also look to Bahco, which focuses on ergonomic comfort and smart design to make day to day usage a breeze.

Prep your workspace for safety

Often overlooked but just as important is prepping your workspace for safety, to ensure that both you and your electronics are properly protected. It is important to have some electro-static discharge protection ready such as a conductive rubber mat or conductive wristband. When working with electronic equipment it is common for static to build up in the body or the device you are working on. ESD equipment, such as Desco floor coverings, will ensure that this is released in a slow controlled way to avoid equipment damage or dangerous discharge.

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