The Importance of High Quality Electronics Tools for Intricate Work

30 April 2020

For electrical/electronic technicians and hobbyists there is nothing worse than being half way through an intricate job, and then having your tool fail you. Whether you are debugging a circuit, designing the layout of a piece of PCB or doing some regular soldering, electrical work is extremely intricate and requires a high degree of knowledge and patience.

But it also requires high quality tools to get the job done right. So what makes high quality tools so important for electrical/electronics work?

  • Higher degree of accuracy. While a lot of the job depends on the experience of the technician or hobbyist, good tools can ensure that the user has maximum control over the situation, making it easier to do intricate, difficult pieces of work.
  • Better safety for the user and the device they are working with. The safety of the user should be paramount in any situation involving electricity, but electricity can also damage the devices that we are working with. High quality tools can ensure that both the user and the device are fully protected from accidental shocks.
  • Better quality control. All the experience in the world can’t save a project if the information a technician is getting is wrong. Having high quality testing and debugging tools is the key to getting the right information to make the right decisions.
  • Less chance of tool failure. Finally, high quality tools are built to last years of intensive use, while less reputable products have been known to break in the middle of intricate work.

Some of the best electrical tool brands in the business:

Hakko for soldering and rework

Reaching for the soldering kit is probably one of the most common actions someone takes if they work with electronics, which is why having a high quality soldering and rework station is vital to good electrical work. Hakko products are made to the high standard of the Japanese market, intended for years of intensive use without losing efficacy.

Fluke for electronic testing tools

Some of the most important tools in the technician’s or hobbyist’s toolkit are multimeters and electronic testing equipment. Having accurate information is vital to making the right decisions when it comes to intricate electronics work, which is why Fluke has spent decades improving upon and perfecting the quality of their tools, ensuring that users get the right reading every single time.

Jokari for leading wire and cable tools

Jokari is one of the best brands in the world for wire and cable tools. Made to a high standard, tested and certified by independent third parties sponsored by the German government, it has withstood the test of time. Built to be durable, innovative and safe to use, Jokari is the leader in wire and cable tools for intricate electrical work.

Moody for high quality picks, probes and scribers

Still made in the USA, Moody miniature hand tools are at the core of intricate electrical work. Made with comfort and safety in mind, this brand can survive some serious wear and tear.

Desco for electrostatic discharge protection

When working with electronics that can be damaged by as little as 10 volts, having the right protection against electrostatic discharge is vital. Whether it’s heel grounders, wrist straps or ESD maps, Desco is one of the leading producers of static control products in the world.

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