The Importance of Air Ionization in Electronics Assembly

18 October 2021

The process of assembling a PCB board is not only precise it can also be dangerous to both you and the components you are trying to build, which is why safety is of the utmost importance.

One of the major difficulties when it comes to electronics assembly is how to deal with electrostatic discharge. Assembling electronics involves working with semi-conductive, non-conductive and isolated conductors, which can generate and retain large electrostatic potential if left uncontrolled. If electrostatic potential is not properly neutralised it can affect yield rate and the quality of the finished product. This can be caused by direct ESD damage to the components or surface contamination by electrostatic attraction.

Air Ionization is one of the best ways to minimize the potential for ESD damage during electronics assembly. They work by adding or removing charges from molecules in the air, neutralising the electrostatic potential and minimising the chance of an ESD event. Alongside other ESD safety equipment they are an excellent way of reducing your risk of electrostatic discharge in your working environment.

Top Air Ionization Products for Safe Electronics Assembly 

Some air ionization products work better than others at neutralizing electrostatic potential, which is why it is important to understand which products have proven to work best at keeping electronics hobbyists and professionals safe. If you are looking to add air ionization to your repertoire of ESD safe equipment, then here are some of the top products to consider for your workstation:

Simco Ionizing Blower and Heater

Simco is one of the top brands for electrostatic control, providing a range of solutions for workshops and laboratories. Simco’s ionizing blowers and heaters offer some of the best environmental controls for electrostatic build-up available to purchase by individuals. Ionizing blowers and heaters are small units that can be set on a workbench to blow positively and negatively charged ions onto the surface of the object that you are working with. These ions combine with the oppositely charged ions building up on the object and effectively neutralise them.

While there are other brands of blowers and heaters, Simco’s quality, durability and smart design makes them a standout in the field. The Simco Aerostat XC is small but can cover a benchtop area as large as 3’ by 6’. It also comes with the added benefits of inbuilt ionization detection and a three-speed fan.

Simco Top Gun 

Ionizing blowers and heaters are good for general environmental control but don’t work quite so well in places that are harder to reach or require faster and more targeted dissipation of ions. This is where the Simco Top Gun is a better option. It is a hand-held machine that forces air out of a nozzle, which allows the user to direct the flow of air and quickly dissipate the charge on electronic equipment. Simco Top Guns come with the added benefits of an ionization sensor and enough blow-off force to remove dust and debris, making it useful not just for deionization but also for cleaning the surface of electronic equipment.

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