Quality Tools for Both Tradies and DIYers

08 April 2022

No matter what your skill level is, good-quality and reliable tools can take you a long way. Whether you are an expert tradesman or a mere DIY enthusiast, the tools you choose can have a significant impact on your work. 

For tradesmen, a good tool can help make the job easier, safer and result in a well-finished and reliable product. Amateurs, craftsmen, and DIYers can also use the same tools to achieve a professional-looking finish without having to recruit professional help. Hence, it is important to identify what results you want and what would be the right tool for the job. 

If you’re looking to invest in reliable and durable work tools, here are the top ones that our experts endorse. 

Bahco Hand Tools

When it comes to hand tools, Bahco is a name that everyone recognises. Since its inception in 1862, the brand has created a name for itself with tools that are durable and can withstand the harshest of conditions. Starting with steel saw blades, the brand now boasts a huge portfolio of high-quality professional tools. They are known for their durability, professional finish, and sturdiness. 

Hikoki Power Tools

Hikoki started business in 1948 in Japan and since then has become a prominent name when it comes to power tools. The company stresses innovative design and engineering processes to continually produce better and more efficient tools. It is no surprise that the company is now synonymous with high reliability, efficiency, durability, and performance. 

With over 1300 power tools in the portfolio, the company is the global leader in the segment. Their range is fully suitable for beginners who have been learning the use of power tools. Hence, it has become a safe choice for DIYers to use and achieve professional outcomes. Amateurs and DIY enthusiasts can choose from a wide range of power tools to choose from and can be assured that all promise superior performance and safety of use. 

Crescent Tools

Founded in 1907, Crescent Tools has made its name for its sturdy, reliable, and innovative automotive and metalworking tools. The company is well known for its wrenches which were different from any other in the industry. A century later, the company has a huge portfolio of lightweight, good quality, and reliable tools, well-suited to the needs of professional tradesmen and amateur enthusiasts. 

The Crescent name is most trusted in the business by tradesmen and the company has won several awards at the Pro Tools Innovation Awards 2021 for tools that improve efficiencies and exemplify performance. Regardless of the work you do, the use of these tools offers endless possibilities for performance enhancement, quality of work, and durability of tools. 

Expert tradesmen identify these top three brands to be a must-have in your toolbox. If you are choosing to invest in tools, it is always a wise decision to invest in these brands which embody professionalism, innovation, and incredible durability. The promise is not only that of great work but also a great customer experience.

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