Must-have Tools For the Amateur Mechanic

01 August 2022

When you're a car enthusiast, you know there's nothing like getting your hands dirty under the hood. 

But while you might be able to handle most basic repairs on your own, some repairs—like those related to electronic systems or engine diagnostics—can be tricky for even the most seasoned DIYer. 

That's why having the right tools around is crucial for any mechanic: They'll make troubleshooting problems easier and help keep you safe from injury when working under a car's hood. 

So whether you're just getting started or want to tackle advanced projects, here are our picks for must-have tools every amateur mechanic should have in their garage:

Automotive Electrical Equipment

Electrical components are widespread in most new vehicles, so you must have the equipment to deal with them. 

Some must-haves include: 

  • Multimeter: An essential for troubleshooting any issues that might arise with your vehicle. It can help you determine whether or not your starter is working correctly and if there's an issue with your car battery. A good multimeter will also measure current and voltage so that you can test any electrical system in your engine compartment or under the hood.
  • Test leads: Test leads are flexible metal wires that act like jumper cables between two points. They help you measure electrical flow and can diagnose problem parts. 
  • Electrical screwdrivers: You'll need a decent set of screwdrivers that protect you from rogue electricity. A popular option is Wera's Kraftform VDE screwdrivers which are suitable for working up to 1,000 volts.

Battery Chargers

A battery charger is a device that converts the AC power of an electrical outlet into DC power for your car's battery. You can use them to recharge, top up or even jumpstart batteries. 

Different types of battery chargers include: 

  • Jump starters: These are great for emergencies with no available power source. Kincrome's Power Pak Plus II is an excellent option in this category. 
  • Heavy-duty chargers: These are larger and pack more power than other chargers, so they're a good option if you need the job done quickly. 
  • Portable chargers: These make a great addition to your on-the-go toolbox. They're also a good choice if you have limited space in your garage. 

Some brands that make excellent battery chargers include Draper Tools and Kincrome.

Oil Change and Lubrication Equipment

Oil changes are vital for keeping your car running smoothly, so having the right equipment is a must.

Here's what you'll need: 

  • Oil filter wrench: An oil filter wrench makes attaching and removing oil filters a breeze. 
  • Catch pan: Catch pans keep your floors clean while ensuring no oil contaminates water sources. 
  • Funnels: When you're draining and replacing oil, funnels help you direct the fluid where you want. More precision equals less mess. 
  • Grease gun: Grease guns help you lubricate your car parts efficiently while reducing any mess from the process. 

Lifts and Jacks

Sometimes you need to get under your vehicle to diagnose its problems. Here's where lifts and vehicle jacks come in handy. 

While a full vehicle lift may be out of the budget of an amateur mechanic, there are some hobby-friendly options: 

  • Engine cranes: A basic crane can help you get to those hard-to-reach engine spots. They're a necessity if you need to do some serious engine maintenance. 
  • Jacks and stands: Jacks should be a staple in any amateur mechanic's garage. They help you get under the vehicle and make changing tyres a breeze. 

The Right Tools Make Your Job Easier

The right tools will make it easier to troubleshoot the inevitable problems that arise when you're working on your car. 

You don't need to be a fully-fledged mechanic to benefit from having these tools, either. Good tools can save you money in the long run by helping you avoid costly repairs or accidents. It also makes it easier for you to diagnose problems instead of having to pay someone else for their time and expertise.

Sound good? Then check out our range of mechanic tools and find your new workshop favourites today. 

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