4 Techspray Products That Every Electrical Technician Needs to Know About

30 April 2020

Techspray’s first product was introduced to the market in 1968, and since then it has become a market leader in providing chemicals and assorted products for improving the performance, safety and efficiency of the electronics industry. Their focus is on developing effective and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, chemicals and coatings for both professionals and hobbyists.

There are countless Techspray products that can make the lives of electrical/electronics technicians easier. With this in mind here are four of the best Techspray products that every technician needs to have access to.

Heat Sink Compound for interfacing between CPU heat sinks and heat sources

Electronic equipment makes a lot of heat, which, if not removed appropriately can cause serious damage to the device. This is why electronic equipment is built with a mechanical heat sink near heat generating components such as the CPU. Heat is distributed from the heat generating component, through the conductive metal of the heat sink and dissipated using a fan.

The problem arises when the source of the heat and mechanical heat sink don’t join together properly, leaving patches of air between the two devices, which affects the ability of the heat sink to do its job. Techspray’s Heat Sink Compound solves this issue by filling in the gap between the source and sink as a paste, improving the interface between the two components.

Licron Crystal to create an ESD Safe Coating

Electrostatic discharge is the bane of the electrical technician. This phenomena occurs when a discharge of static electricity from one surface passes to another. This can be a serious problem for sensitive electronic equipment such as microprocessor chips which can become damaged from a discharge as low as 10 volts in strength.

Most electrical/electronics technicians work with ESD safe mats and wrist straps but something as simple as using a rubber gripped shear lead cutter can still cause damage to the device. Techspray’s Licron Crystal is a permanent spray on coating that forms a dissipative matrix over tools and surfaces, turning them into ESD safe devices in a safe and cost effective way.

Ultra Pure Duster for deep cleaning electronic devices

Dust, contaminants and larger particles such as lint can damage electronic devices if allowed to build up. Techspray’s Ultra Pure Duster is designed to safely blow away contaminants, keeping your electronic equipment clean and working at an optimal level. The advantage that Techspray’s dusters have over the competition is that they do not contain additives, such as bitterant, which can build up as harmful residue over time.

Degreasers for removing contamination from electronic equipment

Degreasers or maintenance cleaners are designed to remove contaminants such as dust, dirt, grease and oxidation contamination. This can be done either for maintenance of electronic equipment or in preparation for final touches such as painting or plating. Depending on your needs Techspray degreasers come in many forms including as aerosols, liquids and as wipes and swabs. If you need something for removing oils and and lubricating fluids then the Aviation Degreaser is a perfect choice.

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