4 Reasons Why CK Tools are the Hand Tool of Choice

26 September 2020

CK Tools have been around for more than 100 years and in that time have gained a reputation as the hand tool of choice for serious trade professionals. For those who have heard their colleague brag about them or are just curious as to where they got their excellent reputation, here are 4 reasons why CK Tools are the hand tool that everyone is talking about:

CK Tools are designed to perform better than international standards

For many tool manufacturers making tools that satisfy international standards can be tough. To produce the right quality, meet safety standards and tick all the boxes isn’t an easy job. CK Tools, on the other hand, aren’t content with just conforming to international standards, in fact, they are always working with new materials, manufacturing techniques and finishing treatments to exceed international requirements and make something truly impressive.

A perfect example of this mentality can be found in their combi-cutter range. CK designers worked with metallurgical engineers to develop a completely new tempered steel alloy blade. This new blade for their combi-cutters providers excellent sharpness and durability, far outstripping other cutting blades on the market. 

Trade professionals are heavily involved in the development of their tools 

There are many tools on the market developed by smart and capable designers. They might use the right materials or the best manufacturing techniques, and yet something about them just doesn’t feel right when being used on the job. They just aren’t designed in a way that suits the practical needs of everyday professionals. CK Tools, on the other hand, ensures that every tool they make conforms to the needs and expectations of industry professionals before they ever hit the shelves. They use an independent panel of cross trade professionals to test and trial their tools, providing valuable feedback and design improvements, that then get folded back into the finished product. 

They produce the right tools for many different users 

CK Tools are great at creating the right-hand tool for the job, using their 100 years of experience and rigorous research techniques to create innovative tools perfectly suited to the industry. This tailored approach to their product ensures that professionals have the flexibility of choosing the exact hand tool that fits the use case. Some examples of CK’s tailored ranges include their Redline VDE sets, which are designed for professional electricians and guarantee safe working on electrical equipment with up to 1000V, their SensoPlus ESD range, which is ESD compliant and uses box-joints for longevity, and their Precision range, which sport thin handles and high-quality materials that are perfect for use in areas where access is limited.

They not only care about quality but the usability of their tools as well 

It is not enough to use the best materials, the best hand tools also take into account ergonomics and user fatigue when creating a tool that is meant to be used day in day out for years. CK Tools focus heavily on ergonomic design, which means that their tools are meant to be easy to use and minimise hand fatigue wherever possible. A great example of this is in their SensoPlus screwdriver range which sport improved handles and better grip for excellent torque performance that comes in at 20% over international standard requirements.

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