4 Reasons to Have GearWrench Tools in Your Kit

13 November 2020

GearWrench began its career as a manufacturer of ratcheting tools made for automotive and industrial technicians. Today it boasts both a wide selection ratcheting wrenches, as well as other hand tools such as pliers, screwdrivers, cutting tools and hammers. With such a wide range of equipment to choose from GearWrench has become a serious contender on the world stage, giving more established brands a run for their money. Here are 4 reasons to have GearWrench tools in your kit today:

GearWrench tools are made to be accessible 

In the field of hand tools and technical equipment GearWrench can be considered a newcomer. GearWrench introduced its first five-degree ratcheting wrench in 1996 but since then has become one of the most popular brands for automotive and industrial technicians. The key to its success is its accessibility for people looking for a solid brand for an affordable price. This makes it one of the go-to brands for DIYers and apprentices. However, its affordability is made all the more impressive by its growing reputation as a provider of seriously reliable tools, which has made GearWrench more and more popular with professionals in recent years.  

They don't compromise on quality 

Despite its price point, GearWrench doesn't skimp on quality, which has allowed it to grow into one of the premier tool brands for mechanics today. GearWrench, particularly in recent years, has been ratcheting up the quality of its tools, focusing particularly on their safety and reliability. GearWrench has concentrated on making tools are strong and durable, while at the same time light enough to use with ease. This quality, combined with their decent price range, makes them a very attractive tool manufacturer compared to much of the competition.

Their tools are made to fit the job 

Anyone who works in tight spaces with minimum maneuverability understands that having the right tool for the job is the best way to make your life a whole lot easier. GearWrench's major claim to fame is its vast selection of ratcheting wrenches for both hobbyists and professionals. GearWrench boasts over 20 unique styles of ratcheting wrench and over 400 different sizes, which means that they have the broadest selection of ratcheting wrenches in the world. This wide range allows technicians to significantly increase their productivity by seriously improving their speed, strength and access with the right tool for the job. 

They are constantly pushing for innovation and improvement 

We've already noted how GearWrench have been steadily improving their tools since the inception of the company more than twenty years ago. This means that their quality has only gotten better and better over time. Apart from the quality, however, GearWrench is also seriously dedicated to tool innovation. Some key examples are the super-strong X-Beam crossbeam design, the 120XP Ratchet which allows turns with as little as 3 degrees and the Double-X pliers which use a double joint to allow the jaws to open greater than the handles.

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